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6 magnetic Polaframes

Photos frames

Magnetic Polaframes 

Say cheese! Designed by Doiy.
 6 Magnetic Polaframes
Gift Packaging : 


6 Magnetic Polaframes. Designed by Doiy.

The POLAFRAMES are cool magnetic frames. They let you hold your photos on any metallic surface giving them a retro look that imitates the instant photography aspect. Moreover, you can write and erase your messages on them as many times as you want.

How to create your own snapshot?
Choose any of your normal pictures.
Place the Polaframe on it and cut off the photo around the frame if you want.
Write and erase your messages on the white space.

Matter: magnetic rubber
Colour: white
Contents: 6x Magnetic frames
1x Whiteboard marker (eraser tipped and magnetic cap)

Dimensions: Each frame measures 9cm(W) x 11cm(H)

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Say cheese! Designed by Doiy.
 6 Magnetic Polaframes

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