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Galileo Galilei Thermometer

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Thermometer Solar Avenue 

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Galileo Galilei Thermometer.

Manufactured after the idea of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642).

Searching for exact temperature measurements the brillant Galileo Galilei discovered this fascinating method.

In liquid, a solid body with the same weight and size is compelled to go down as the temperature rises. On the other hand the solid body goes up if the temperature falls. The glass balls differ in weight (calibrated to a hundredth of gram) an considering the density of the liquid, the lowest of the floating balls in the upper part of the cylinder indicates the right temperature.

The production of this instrument is extremely complicated. Each ball is calibrated to exactly 1/2 C. Two glass balls differ in weight only 6/100 of gram. 

- Measuring range 18-26 C (64-80 F). Graduation 2 C (4F)

Size: H. 33  x 50 cm

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