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Airline Microfiber

Good Bag - Hand Bag LEXON

LN500. designed by  Laurence Alessandri.
Good design.
49.00 €
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LN500 - Hand Bag. designed by Laurence Alessandri.

Laurence Alessandri, who has adopted Marseille as her own town, keen of sun and of the mediterranean area invites us in her world of feminity, colours, smartness and convenience.

Since 10 years, at the frontier between fashion and design, she creates practical accessories, whose sucess is international. Since  2010, she collaborates with Lexon on the Good Bag project. A range of sacks, large soft handbags, shopping bags, fitted out with a rubber sole which promises steadiness and waterproofness.

A cross-country style for a urban, countryside or seaside use. One puts its good bag down as one affixes a rubber stamp.

Relief printing underneath "ABSOLUTELY NOT AFRAID BY THE GROUND" suggest an asserted and adventurous character. The use of natural rubber TEP and of the back microfiber EPO without PVC, gives the print a true ecological approach.

This Hand Bag is made of:

- 1 zip pocket on the front: 24 cm
1 inside zip pocket: 24 cm
3 slots for pens
- 1 snap hook

- 2 inside pockets 6 and 14 cm

Rubber sole

Dimensions : 30 x 15 x 22 cm
Material : TPE Gum et EPO microfiber
Weight: 0.01 Oz

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