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Unusual objects

Mikro-Cube Bath MIKROWORLD

Discover MikroMan and his MicroWorld.
Designed by Sam BUXTON
39.00 €
Gift packaging : 


An extract of the human condition in the 21st century!

These little scenes are futuristic reconstitution of the human condition in the 21st century. They are pre-cut in a stainless steel leaf only 150 micron thick and are little mirrors full of ideas from our lives. To be contemplated.

Each Mikro-Man is supplied flat and is simply waiting to be put in place to share a captured moment of its “micro-life” with you.

Mikro-cube Bath:create during an exhibition at the design museum of London, the mikro cube work use the same process of manufacture that the mikro house, in a smaller format.

Size:70mm x 55mm. Folded thickness: 150 microns

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