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Cow parade


Exhibited in New York in 2000.
Created by Jon Eastman.
95.00 €
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Exhibited in New York in 2000. Created by Jon Eastman.

On singulier.com, you too can become part of the extraordinary passion for the 'Cow Parade’!

Each cow is delivered with a little card that shows where it was exhibited and the name of the artist who painted it. The sizes vary depending on which model is chosen but they are about 30 cms long, 19 cms high and 9 cms wide.

What is the Cow Parade? The Cow Parade is an exhibition of weather resistant fibreglass cows that have been painted and decorated by different artists to create a real work of art. It is currently one of the largest art events aimed at the general public.

It was initially conceived for an exhibition in the streets of Zurich (Switzerland). Since then, the COW PARADE has become a global phenomenon and renews itself with new artists in every city that is visits.

From New York to London, from Sydney to Tokyo, not forgetting Brussels, Las Vegas or Dublin, the COW PARADE exhibitions capture the hearts and spirits of passers-by. At the end of each exhibition, most of the cows are auctioned to raise funds for charity organisations.

Several cows from these different exhibitions have been reproduced in miniature. The Cow parade has thus become a greatly appreciated collection theme for the public.