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Aeroframe HD1

Aeroframe HD1 | Singulier.com
Turns the wireless speaker into a work of art.
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Description :

Aeroframe HD1®. Design AeroSystem.


Aerosystem is a cutting-edge brand for technological Lifestyle, home-entertainment products, embodying contemporary style and optimal performance. The incredible success-story of AeroSystem started in 2005, when two friends, with a passion for Music and Art, decided to collaborate to create the product that no one else had done before. One of them was Jean-Michel Jarre, the famous French producer, considered internationally as the pioneer of Electronic music. The other one was Roland Caville, an art-lover and talented businessman with many successes.

Inspired by the beauty of the materials and craftsmanship, AeroSystem has created a speaker redefining acoustic rules.Combining technology and design, AeroFrame is a technical triumph that will delight all your senses.

The brand AeroSystem, in memory of this first collaboration is now replacing Jarre Technology. Promising to unite the past and the future, by creating products respecting Art cultural heritage while bringing users to the third millennium with unbelievable features.

Aeroframe HD1 turns the wireless speaker into a work of art. It's not bulldog-shaped this time, though The new speaker consists of multiple wooden units suspended within a cubic frame, and wouldn't look out of place in an art gallery. AeroFrame HD1 is forged from raw style, electro-acoustic design prowess,and musical subtlety. It is a wireless audio system which continues MusicLife’s mission to fuse design and acoustics.

Custom electronics
The AeroFrame HD1 features a high-efficiency Class D Amplifier 200W (2x50W and 1x100W RMS Channels) supported by powerful audio signal processing algorithms.

Acoustic architecture
The AeroFrame HD1 is designed around a 2.1 acoustic configuration for rich stereo output.

High Frequencies
Two 50mm-diameter paper-dome ferrite-magnet drivers deliver crisp stereo highs from their low-frequency cross-over point at 150Hz to beyond the high-frequency thresh-old of human hearing.

Low Frequencies
A single 135 mm-diameter long-excursion ferrite woofer drives a low-frequency enclosure with a low-turbulence reflex port for powerful and clearly-articulated bass.

Minimalist, stylish and unique, the AeroFrame HD1 is an andio masterpiece of contemporary design

Mechanical structure
A cluster of real wood-veneer audio units was suspended in chromed metal. The AeroFrame HD1 utilize MusicLife’s proprietary HD electronics platform with custom digital signal processing alogorithms.  

Electronics overview
The aeroFrame HD1 works with any Bluetooth wireless audio source and supports 3.5 mm analogue audio audio input. Digital signal processing algorithms are used to equalize the audio output from the amplifier, divide the low-frequencies and high-frequencies for distribution to the woofer and tweeters, and maximize output level through subtle dynamic-range compression.

Stereo Pairing
For higher output levels and an expanded stereo image, two Aeroframe HD1 can be paired together using Bluetooth

Technical specifications:
- Frenquency Range Hz : 45-20kHz
- Crossover Frequency Hz : 150Hz
- High Frequency Drivers: 2 x 50 mm ferrite Drivers
- Low Frequency Drivers: 1x 35 mm ferrite woofer
- Low-frequency acoustic loading: Bass reflex port, tuned to 54Hz
- Power output: 200W (2x50W and 1x100W RMS Channels)
- Inputs, controls and interfaces
- Wireless audio input: Bluetooth 4.2 (supports A2DP, AVRCP, SBC, AAC, AptX, BLE profiles and codec
- Wireless range: 10m without interference
- Analogue audio input: 3.5 mm mini Jack
- Micro-USB : For software upgrade

Dimensions: 390 (W) x 390(D) x 390 (H) mm
Material : wood (walnut) and chrome
Weight: 10.71 kg


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