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Airtight LID | 8"/20 cm

Airtight LID | 20 cm - Charles Viancin
Designed by Charles Viancin
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Airtight Lid 8''/20 cm. Designed By Charles Viancin.

Practise, design and essential!
In the shape of flowers or fruits,each chooses its design and its color according to its tastes and its style of decoration.The suction effect it produces allows to chase the air of all it contains to make it completely airtight. It can keep your dishes hot or cold longer. The food grade silicone, fits on any smooth rim bowl or pot.

In silicone, it resists the heat until 230 ° C in the oven and in the microwave oven and in the cold ' 40 ° C. It avoids spatters and keeps the vapor during the cooking. It cleans itself easily in wash dishes.
Finished the wasting of paper or aluminum!

100 % in silicone, the lid CHARLES VIANCIN® is reusable to infinity, easy to remove and to reposition. Not containing a bisphenol A, it guarantees a healthy cooking. Microwave, stovetop, dishwasher and oven safe to 220°C/428°F
Up to 8" containers

Dimensions: Ø 20 cm
Material: Food grade silicone


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