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Berloque Pistole
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Unusual objects

Berloque Pistol - Luxery Version 

The smallest pistol in the world!
24-carat genuine Gold plating
85.00 €
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Berloque pistol - 24-carat genuine gold plating.

The luxery version of the very famous Berloque Pistol : 24-carat genuine gold plating

Gerhard Göbharter GmbH has been producing so-called "Berloque pistols" in 124 steps using 15 individual parts since 1905.

In addition to serious use, Berloque pistols can also be used for entertainment. Colourful flares and a festive gun salute help set the mood for numerous celebrations such as birthday parties, weddings and anniversaries and bring a smile to the face of adults and children alike.

The smallest pistol in the world, the original Berloque pistol is a wonder of precision engineering. It is both an effective blank cartridge pistol and legitimate flare pistol, a sought-after collector´s item and a small, exquisite piece of security.

they are available either in silver metal case.

Dimensions: the pistol 4cmx2cm

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