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5 Cyclists Gift Box - Tour de de France

5 Cyclists Gift Box - Bernard & Eddy | Singulier.com
A childhood experience
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5 Cyclist Gift Box. Designed by Bernard & Eddy

Five cyclists , Five balls for playing in the sand ... Each cyclist is unique and represents an emblematic racer.

Big breath of fresh air and off you go on a game that hits the road with a running start…

Choose your rider, your country, your flying colors, add the childhood fun of throwing dice and playing marbles to the adrenaline of a real bike race.

Build your circuit, shape mountains with sand, create winding roads, become a commentator on the Tour, tease your opponents, forget about time… and take a break from all your connected devices. For parents, this is what his Madeleine was for Proust: a childhood experience recreated in a delightful game. These model cyclists are fetish objects, lucky charms, and when you’re not playing with them, here there are, a pleasure for the eyes, standing proudly on a shelf, a chest of drawers or a desk.

THE WORLD TOUR OF MINIATURE BICYCLE RIDERS ‘Bernard & Eddy’ is a toy, a game, a cheerful peloton of miniature riders.

Each figurine – a unique hand-painted piece – represents a country, or an iconic jersey from the Tour de France.

These miniature riders originally appeared in the 1930s, when the organization of the Tour de France decided to shine a bright light on national teams by creating a publicity caravan.
Although very popular in the 1950s, figurines almost became a thing of the past at the start of the new millennium. But have they really disappeared from the tracks? Not exactly…


One or several cyclists per player + one marble. Draw the racing route in the sand. Flatten the sand with the palm of your hand. Draw a starting line and a finish line. Flip a coin to determine the starting order. Place the marble on the starting line and flick it as far as you can. Place the cyclist on the spot where the marble stops. The players take turns playing,and the first player to pass the finish line wins the race!Beware: If the marble leaves the track, that player skips a turn.

Dimension (each piece) : 54 x 58 mm
Material : zamak (alloy of zinc)
Weight : 30 gr

Age : from 3 years

Cyclists Diorama - Bernard & Eddy | Singulier.com
35.00 €
Cyclist Diorama - Bernard & Eddy

A childhood experience

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