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Classic - PL104 - Bruno Racing Car Metallic Blue

Playforever - Classic - PL106 - Bruno Racing Car Metallic Blue
Design Julian MEAGHER
Virtually indestructible art-toys
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Classic - PL104 - Bruno Racing Car Metallic Blue. Design Julian Meagher. 
A fascination with vehicles was birthed when Julian Meagher at aged eleven would ride around on his bike searching for tucked-away super cars in local underground car parks. Riding 3 stories down and peeking under dust covers while marvelling at the shiny badges, forms and gorgeous paint finishes of the Countach, Muira and Dino. Discovering these thoroughbreds at a young age was integral to the growth of his obsession. 30 years on, Meagher now an award winning industrial designer and label owner harks back to those years of wonder by creating a line of timeless art-toys.
With decades of studying automotive styling cues and figuring out how cars are put together, Meagher hones his research into a coherent series of vehicles. Classics, Midi's, Mini's and Mavericks are an eclectic mix of Art, Fashion, Traditional Product Design, Modernism and of course Car Styling.
We have a manufacturing partner that truly understands quality and knows exactly what it takes to build beautiful products. We are not in the business of needless cost saving at the expense of performance and build quality. We choose to use the best materials available so the surfaces are flawless and the products are absolutely unrivalled. Our aim is to create virtually indestructible art-toys that last a lifetime.

Designed in the United Kingdom.

Test certificates: CPSIA for the USA and EN71 for Europe. All extensive testing carried out by TUV Hong Kong.

Dimensions : 27 x 18 x 13 cm
Materials: ABS Plastic with high gloss UV coating. Hand-polished with care.
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