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The Red Mystery Gift - Red Edition

The mystery Gift - Red Edition | Singulier.com
Designed by Cookut
The Coolest Gift
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19.90 € 
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The Mystery Gift - Red Edition. Designed by Cookut.

Do you dare to offer the most original and cool gift without knowing it? Cookut designers have struck again by creating a unique, practical and very trendy product!  The ideal gift...

A gift that really has its place in our range, unusual objects! So, for once, let chance. Give this mystery gift designed by Cookut brand designers (become the first clue), and become the king of the party, offering the coolest gift in the world.
Nobody knows (even us) what it contains! We're telling you, it's so cool ...

100% NEW AND ORIGINAL GIFT: impossible that a person already has this gift!

This Gift DOES NOT CONTAIN this year:
- A cool cocktail shaker:
- A living animal
- A plane to Miami
- A garden gnome
- An inflatable unicorn-shaped buoy
- 700 euros
- A folding blue beach chair
- A talking teddy bear
- A tea ball
- A hearing aid
- A nose piercing
- A good sea stew
- An electronic cigarette
- A mini golf
- Anti-fart underwear...

Dimension unit (cm): 10x10x21

Materials: mysterious
How it works? No idea!
Packaging: recycled cardboard gift box


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