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Decapulse. Design Maxime BOUCHES et Kévin DAUBONS.

Gold Medal 2019 Lépine Competition

Finally the invention that we were all waiting for! An idea of ​​genius in its purest form. So imagine ... a bottle opener that recaps your glass bottles, without any trace or crease on the cap. We owe this magnificent invention to Kevin Daubons and Maxime Bouches.

The advantage of recapsulating a bottle is to fight against waste! Glass is a greener material than plastic and is infinitely recyclable. With the Decapulse, you can therefore reuse your glass bottles as many times as you want! In addition, it allows you to do away with the bubble-free bottles lying around in the fridge and therefore conserve their gas!

At the touch of a hand, the bottle can be opened without damaging the capsule, so that it can be reused to close the bottle again. The decapsule has a direction to decapsulate in an ultra simple way, the other direction allows to recapsulate its bottle thanks to an integrated magnet which allows the capsule to remain in place.

As the gasification of the bottles is different, chilling makes it possible to have a perfect seal. Entirely made in France in an Esat (establishment and service for work assistance)
For cleaning, a little water is enough.

Made in France (in Béarn)
Dimensions: 52 x 84 mm
Weight: 126 grams
Material: food and anti-bacterial ABS - metal in stainless steel, magnet in plasto-magnets

Made in France (Béarn)

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