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Desk accessories

It’s time to get to work! iPhone cable, emergency charger, pencil jar, pens, USB sticks, calculator, charging station, stapler, mini fan.
Stock up on business gifts or accessories for your office.
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LH59 . Design Simonelli / Quaglio.
Wireless Charging station with built-UV sanitizer
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High Speed Charging Cube

89.90 € 
ICON - Hih speed Charging cuble 6 in 1
Charge up to 3x faster and simultaneously 6 devices.
Extra long fabric cable - USB to Lightning
Made for Apple devices, charge  & sync.
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Color Cable Ties

6.90 € 
To attach your cables and put a color code

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GiFT token

Black USB Desk Fan

13.00 € 
Adjustable, quiet and lightweight !

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Liquid Station

25.00 € 
LD130. Designed by Eugeni Quitllet
A dream to organize!

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Liquid Pot

19.00 € 
LD132. Designed by Eugeni Quitllet
A dream for your pens...
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Peter Pen

15.00 € 
LS99. Designed by Eugeni Quitllet
A dream to write!
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Desk Tape Dispenser - Roll Air

10.00 € 
LD131. Designed by Eugeni Quitllet
A dream to scotch taped!

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Flow Stapler

39.00 € 
LD125. Designed by Philip Wong.
Electronic and transparent stapler
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Hobo Powerbank

29.00 € 
LL 107. designed by Fellina Sok Cham.

Planetarium Paperweight

38.00 € 
Beautiful and useful
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Metal Retro Pens

9.90 € 

Set of 3 metal retro pens

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Space Pen - Clip

49.00 € 

Design Fisher.
Clip and Space!  

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Space Pen - Shuttle

59.00 € 

Design Fischer.
The Space Pen used by the NASA.

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Space Pen - Refill

11.00 € 

Design Fisher.
Refill for Space Pen.

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Construction Pen

23.00 € 
Multittasking ballpoint pen!
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Archi Long Pen

19.00 € 
LS89. designed by LEXON.

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Archi Short Pen

19.00 € 
LS88. designed by LEXON.

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Galaxy Calculator

12.00 € 
LC 64. Design Marc Berthier et Gilles Caillet.
Pocket calculator.
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LA116. Design Simonelli / Quaglio.
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Newton's Cradle

19.90 € 
The classic desktop Toy
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