Fruit Loop


Design Dan Black & Martin Blum.
Fruit bowl.

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Fruit Loop. Design Dan Black & Martin Blum.

The simplicity of this minimal design hides its complexity. 
A skilled metalworker bends steel wire into three unique parts wich are joins are virtually invisible.
It will add a piece of sculpture to any table and is ideal for holding fruit.

Designing the loop range was very different to other design projects. The ever changing radius is inspired by
the ‘Fibonacci Curve’ that is seen throughout nature and looks balanced and in proportion to the human eye.
We start with a piece a straight wire and bend it by hand until the form is perfect. It’s very difficult to design
on a computer, and is much more of a sculptural hands on approach to design. Once we have found the
perfect shape, the challenge is then trying to replicate it. Because the shapes have an ever changing radius
that often bend back on themselves, it is not possible to use an automated wire bending machine. We were
lucky to find a skilled wire bending company who use custom made mandrels to hand bend the wire to shape.
The mandrels are like sculptures and the wire goes through five different ones to make the desired shape.

Dan Black &  Martin Blum

Matter: a hand crafted fruit bowl made from chromed steel, packaging made from unbleached recycled carboard.
Size :14 x 26 x 26 cm

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