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General sales conditions

• Identification
Company name   BENOIT-GUYOT SAS
Brands   singulier.com
Legal status and capital   SA 200.000 Euros
Manager last name   GUYOT
Manager first name   Bertrand
Head office   15, rue Emile Zola
Zip code   69002
City   LYON
Country   FRANCE
Phone   33 (0)4 72 56 50 90
Fax   33 (0)4 72 56 50 91
E-mail   info@singulier.com
Web site   www.singulier.com
Intracommunity VAT No.   FR19 775 646 987
Siret No.   775 646 987 000 13
APE/NAF code   524J
Hébergeur du site   New Oxatis
Immeuble Acropolis
171 bis Chemin de la Madrague Ville
13002 Marseille
Directeur de publication   ...


The site and all the associated rights are fully owned by SA HENRI-GUYOT. Any reproduction, whether full or partial, requires the owner’s approval. However, hypertext links to the site can be made without a specific request being required.

Your guarantees


- Satisfied or reimbursed:
if necessary, you can return your order to us in the condition that you received it (in the original packaging and without having used it), within 7 days of receiving it. We will reimburse you by cheque. (without the cost of delivery and of returning)

- Delivery time: the time taken for your order to reach you includes the time needed to make a final check that your product is in good working order, to pack and then, finally, give it to the Poste (French postal service) who will deliver it by Collisimo Suivi (premium parcel post service). Normally, it will take 2 – 4 days before you receive your parcel. However, during holiday periods such as the end of the year, the Poste (and us) have an excess of mail. It is therefore sensible to allow a safety margin if you want to be sure that your parcels arrive before December 25th!

- Using the guarantee and after sales Service: All our articles are subject to the legal guarantees to which are added those of our suppliers which is normally 1 – 2 years. To take advantage of them, all you have to do is send us the article that does not work properly with your name and address (+ telephone or e-mail). However, before doing that, a telephone call could help and may avoid the return: ask for us on +33(0)

Important: Neither watchstraps nor watch glasses are covered by the guarantees.



1. Acceptance of conditions

The Client agrees that they were aware of the specific conditions of sale on this screen when they made their order and state that they accept them without reservation.

These General Conditions of Sale define the contractual relation between SA HENRI-GUYOT and their Client and the two parties accept them without reservation. These General Conditions of Sale supersede and annul all other conditions on any other document unless there is a specific written prior derogation.



2. Products

The photographs of the products are not contractual. SA HENRI-GUYOT is not responsible for any errors that may occur.


3. Order

The automatic registration systems are considered as sufficient proof of the nature, the content and the date of order. SA HENRI-GUYOT will confirm to Client that the order has been accepted using the e-mail address that Client has given. The sale is not completed until the order has been verified. SA HENRI-GUYOT has the right to cancel any order from a client with whom there is a dispute relating to payment for an earlier order. The information given by Client when making an order is their responsibility: in the event of an error in the delivery address, SA HENRI-GUYOT can not be held responsible if it is impossible to deliver the order.



4. Delivery

After confirming an order, SA HENRI-GUYOT agrees to deliver to the carrier, the Poste (French postal service), all the articles ordered by Client within a maximum of 48 working hours. The parcels are sent by Collissimo Suivi (premium parcel post service) and the Poste promises to deliver the order to the address given by Client and provided to the Poste by SA HENRI-GUYOT.

Additionally, for deliveries outside mainland France, Client agrees to pay all import taxes, customs duties, value added tax and all other taxes due under the laws of the country where the order is received. All orders made with SA HENRI-GUYOT are for the personal use of Client and Client or the person receiving the order will not re-sell some or all of the products contained therein. SA HENRI-GUYOT accepts no legal responsibility if tax payments are not made by Client.

Delivery is made by the Poste (French postal service) using Colissimo Suivi (premium parcel post service). Delivery is made within the time frame agreed with Client by the product being handed directly to the addressee, or if they are absent, to another person authorised by Client. Client has no right to claim damages for any lateness of delivery.
Our merchandise is always transported at recipient's risk. 

Delivery to EC countries are made by the Poste (French postal service) using Colissimo Suivi (premium parcel post service). Deliveries to countries outside the EC are made by international postal services.

For a technical product, Client should read the instructions for use that is supplied with it and check that it operates correctly upon delivery. If the product is faulty, Client has the right to return it as detailed elsewhere in these General Conditions of Sale.

SA HENRI-GUYOT is released from its obligation to supply by reason of a force majeure which may include but is not limited to war, riot, fire, strikes, accidents and supply failures, The goods are dispatched at addressee’s risk. Always check your parcel upon arrival. You have 48 hours to indicate any shortages or damage to the carrier.

For reasons of availability, an order can be delivered in several parcels to a Client. The Client only pays for one delivery in this case. If Client requires delivery to 2 addresses, they should make two orders and each will have its own delivery charge.


5. Cancellation

Client has 14 days from receiving the articles to make up their minds. If Client changes their opinion and wants a refund for their purchase, they should send the article(s) back in their original packaging, intact and accompanied by all the accessories, if there are any, the instructions for use and other documentation, to the address below:

300 Route départementale 306

Should Client exercise this right of cancellation, SA HENRI-GUYOT will refund all payments made by Client, excluding the cost of returning the goods. The refund will be made within 15 days.


6. Price

The prices are in EUROS.

Prices on product sheets do not include delivery costs.

The price shown on the order confirmation is the final price and it will not be subject to change; it includes all taxes and VAT for France and EC countries. This price includes the product price, handling, packaging and storage costs, delivery and installation.


7. Payment

The price invoiced to Client is the price shown on the order confirmation sent to them by SA HENRI-GUYOT.

The price of the products is payable at the time of purchase on the day the order becomes effective.

Payment can be made by bankcards with the CB logo.

The CM-CIC site provides secure payment via the C.I.C banking server.

The number of your bankcard is directed to the bank’s server and your payment is made directly to a bank in a secure environment without transiting via the store server. This provides a much greater assurance that your number is only known by our partner bankThe C.I.C.

The order confirmed by Client will not be considered as effective until the bank payment centre has authorised it. In the event that this centre refuses it, the order is automatically cancelled and Client advised by e-mail. Additionally, SA HENRI- SA HENRI-GUYOT has the right to cancel any order from a client with whom there is an unresolved dispute.
Besides, the SA-HENRI GUYOT reserves the right to ask the customer, regardless of the transaction amount, to settle his order via bank transfer rather than by check or credit card, even if the authorization center of a bank cards as a first step validated the possibility of the transaction.


Payment by bank transfer: Thanks to notice that the use is the bank cost will be entirely supported by customer. Only the order which respect this use, will be accepted.

8. Jurisdiction

This agreement is subject to the laws of France. SA HENRI-GUYOT cannot be held responsible for damage of any sort, whether actual, theoretical or personal that may result from the poor operation of one of the products sold. This also applies for any changes made to products by their manufacturers. For all and any claim, the responsibility of SA HENRI-GUYOT is limited to the value of the order and is not engaged for simple errors or omissions that may occur despite all the precautions taken in presenting the products. In case of difficulties in applying this agreement, Client has the option, prior to any legal action, of seeking an agreed solution specifically with the assistance of a professional association for the sector, a consumer’s association or any other adviser of their choice

It should be noted that seeking an agreed solution does not interrupt the ‘short delay’ of legal guarantees nor the contractual length of this guarantee. It should also be noted that as a general rule, with the reservation that the courts can change their approach, the respect of the clause of this contract in respect of the guarantee assumes that Client has met their financial obligations to SA HENRI-GUYOT.

For any other useful information for which Client does not find a response herein, Client can contact SA HENRI-GUYOT by e-mail addressed to: info@singulier.com

Any claims or disputes will be attentively and carefully evaluated and those who take the trouble to explain the circumstances are always presumed to be honest. In the event of a dispute, Client should first contact the company to try and find an agreed solution.

Should this fail, the Tribunal de Commerce at LYON (FRANCE) is the only competent court whatever the place of delivery and whatever means of payment is accepted.


9. Guarantee

SA HENRI-GUYOT cannot be held responsible for a failure to respect the current regulations or laws in the destination country. SA HENRI-GUYOT’s responsibility is always limited to the value of the product in question, valued at its date of sale and this without the possibility of claims against he trademark or the manufacturer.

In all circumstances, Client has a legal guarantee against vices and hidden faults (Articles 1625 and the following of the Code Civil –French civil law). Provided that Client can demonstrate that there is a hidden defect, Vendor is legally obliged to repair all the consequences (Articles1641 and the following of the Code Civil –French civil law). Should Client contact the courts, they must do so within a ‘short delay’ of finding the hidden defect (Article1648 of the Code Civil –French civil law).

The client service can be contacted 5 / 7 ( Monday – Friday 09h - 18h) by telephone:+ 33(0)4 37 46 13 30 or by e-mail to info@singulier.com

10. Legal notice

The collection of personal information is compulsory for mail order sales and this information is essential for preparing and delivering orders, preparing invoices and guarantee agreements. A failure to provide this information will result in an order not being accepted. As required by the " Informatique et Libertés " law (French data protection law), the use of Client’s personal data is declared to the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL). Under article 34 of the law of 6 January 1978 Client has a right of access, modification, correction and deletion of data about themselves which they can exercise via SA HENRI-GUYOT. Additionally, SA HENRI-GUYOT agrees not to communicate, free of charge or for payment, the addresses of its clients to other third parties.

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