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High Speed Charging Cube

High speed charging cube 6 in 1 - ICON
ICON - Hih speed Charging cuble 6 in 1
Charge up to 3x faster and simultaneously 6 devices.
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Description :

ICON - High speed charging cube 6 in 1. Designed by Usbepower.

The main qualities of a charger and a power strip combined in a single cube: fast charging, security, compatibility with your digital devices (USB-A and USB-C) and plugs with universal adapters.

To put on a desk, a coffee table or on the floor, ICON is a design object for your home that replaces old-fashioned power strips.

Characteristics :
- Ultra fast charging capacity: up to 3 times faster, 54W - 10.8 A
- Safe charge
- Power: Input 100-240 volts | Output 2 USB 4.8A / 2 USB-C 6A / 2 Outlets - 100-240 Volt Outlets
- 2 universal adapters compatible with the plugs of 150 countries
- Plug type F (majority of European countries)
- 1.5m power supply
- Compatible with computers, tablets, smartphones, and other connected objects.
- Taupe
- French Design

Example of brands compatible with this product: Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi One Plus, Sony, Oppo, Wiko

Material: Soft Touch Matt
Dimensions: W 80 x W 80 x H 80 mm

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