Jarre Technologies

Jarre Technologies speakers are designed with emotion and with a love for an uncompromising music experience. It's the dedication to innovation and design that makes them the ultimate companion to a virtuoso lifestyle. We strive to design speakers that will complement and blend with your style!
Aeroframe HD1
2,290.00 €
In Stock
Turns the wireless speaker into a work of art.
AeroBull XS 1
599.00 €
In Stock
Enjoy mobility!
AeroBull HD
1,499.00 €
In Stock
Man's best friend
Aero Skull XS
249.00 €
(-20.00%) 199.20 €
In Stock
Design Jarre Technologie
A creepy sound
AeroSkull HD
449.00 €
(-20.00%) 359.20 €
In Stock
A creepy sound