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LD120 - Wireless - White Foot

LD120 - White
The first docking station dedicated to laptop computers

1 190.00 € 
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Description :

La Boite Concept - LD 120 - Wireless - White Foot. Designed by LA BOITE CONCEPT.

La Boite Concept has invented the first docking station dedicated to laptop computers, allowing the convergence of new media with high-fidelity.

La Boite concept's purpose is to design and to manufacture high-fidelity speaker systems permitting the convergence of Hi-Fidelity and digital media.

The HD Wireless Music Kit is now integrated in the trapdoor. You can play wireless music via your Laptops, Tablet Computers and Smartphones thanks to the latest Bluetooth® technology. Enjoy HD Music!

La Boite concept is a French electro-acoustic research and development unit, involved in permanent R&D activities, with a team composed of a doctor, of engineers, designers, production specialists and a marketing staff.

Use The LD 120 is the first high-fidelity docking station dedicated to your laptop computer. Nothing is easier to listen to your music which is in your computer than with the LD 120. You just need to connect it to the USB cable. A single plug is the only thing needed to make the whole system to be operational.

The secret? The USB DAC converter
The USB DAC converter (sound card) built into the system will take care of everything and will provides to you hi-fi audio quality whatever your computer's audio output is. In addition the LD 120 is equipped with 2 auxiliary inputs and you can also use any other music player.

Technical features
The LD 120 is both a one piece and a stereophonic Hi-FI speaker system.
Provided by 4 laterals baffles and 2 rear speakers and the sound reflecting off the walls, its Wide Sound® technology (Patent Pending La Boite concept) allows you to get:
-    A wider stereo sound.
-    A surrounding and a clear sound whenever you are listening to it close to the LD 120 (sitting or standing) or when you are moving around your room with the sound level turned up.

The LD 120 speaker system is the result of a combination of electro-acoustics and electronics developments, in order to offer in the same time an easy to use and a high level audio quality product. The LD 120 is including a 120 Watts RMS amplifier (triple 2.1 amplification), 7 exclusive and innovative speakers developed by La Boite concept for this system, a traditional connector for any music player (iPhone, MP3 players...) and a high-fidelity DAC (sound card) so that you can allows you to connect your laptop computer through its USB connector. A trap door allows storing and connecting the various chargers, transformers, wireless reception systems and music readers ...

A selection of natural materials providing optimal sound restitution: Acoustic speaker cabinet in 25 mm MDF.
4 available colours in 8-layer Piano lacquer: Pure white, pure black, anthracite grey and bright red.

An anti-vibration desk pad in anthracite natural leather

30,3 in. x 22,6 in. x 20,5 in. (feet included)

- 1 : speaker (central part): 49lb (22kg)
- 2 : Pair of feet (support): 11,9lb (5kg)
Total weight of boxes 68 lb (31 kg)

Technical specifications
General features   
2.1 active speaker with Wide
Sound ® stereophony
DAC (USB sound card) : 192 kHz high fidelity integrated converter of the digital signal
for reading audio files on computers, including streaming and USB PC / Mac connection
   The HD Wireless Music Kit is now integrated in the trapdoor.
Frequency range     20 Hz to 20 KHz
- 2 x 25 Watts RMS at 8 ohms
- 1 x 70 Watts RMS at 8 ohms
Total developed power: 120 Watts RMS - 8 ohms
Power supply   
100 V - 230 VAC 50/60 Hz (cable supplied, total length 2.2m)
- RCA with analog mini jack (cable supplied). Mini jack with analog mini jack (cable supplied).
Docking Hi-Fi sync Sendstation for a better sound quality for iPod / iPhone ® Made For Ipod (system supplied).
USB 2.0 DAC sound card for PC and MAC link, compatible Mac OS 9, 10, Windows XP, Vista, 7...
(cable supplied). 220 V plug to power your equipment
Tunings : general, bass and treble volume
- Aux 1 : RCA compatible with all music readers
- Aux 2 : Mini jack located in the trap door compatible with all the music readers
+ Docking system iPod / iPhone ® Sendstation. USB computer : Sound card compatible with laptops (Mac and PC)
Acoustic enclosure made of 25mm MDF wood
Foot: White lacquer

Blotter made of natural leather

2 years warranty

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