OBLIO Wireless charging station with sanitizer

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LH59 . Design Simonelli / Quaglio.
Wireless Charging station with built-UV sanitizer
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LH59 - Wireless charging station with OBLIO integrated UV sterilizer. Designed by Quaglio Simonelli.

The studio Quaglio Simonelli is born from the meeting between two designers, Andrea Quaglio and Manuela Simonelli. Creations nourished by a story, a creative look they take on the world and mutations they love to cause. They conceive objects with a familiar appearance, contaminated by unexpected and poetic elements.

While LEXON could have been content with a flat product on which to deposit his smartphone to recharge, the brand has opted for a concept a little different. OBLIO is a Qi wireless charging station that looks like a vase that will charge your smartphone.

A vase with a size of Ø 7 x 17.5 x Ø 13.6 cm which is equipped with a USB-C port to support the fast charge for your smartphone. With Qi technology integrated in the vase, simply put the phone in the vase for it to load.

OBLIO is not limited to the Qi charge of the smartphone and the design. OBLIO also "cleans" your smartphone: at the heart of its "charger vase", it is equipped with a UV LED which will have the function of cleaning your smartphone of the different bacteria that could be put there. A rather original idea that should seduce the most concerned in health and allergic to microbes!

Technical specifications:
- Qi certified 10W wireless charging station
- Quick charge: about 3h for a full charge of the smartphone
- Compatible with smartphones with Qi charging technology with dimensions up to 8.3cm wide, 1.05cm thick (included shell, non-metallic)
- LED indicator to correctly position and indicate charging status
- Light * UV-C anti-bacterial
- Kills 99.9% of germs ** on your smartphone screen in 20 min
- Tested in the laboratory against common bacteria ***
- Detection of foreign objects

Weight: 550 g
Power supply: rechargeable battery via USB cable (included)
Dimensions (cm): Ø 7 x 17.5 x Ø 13.6 cm
Material: ABS / gum