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Natural and Detox Cockails Kit

Natural and Detox Kit by COOKUT | Singulier.com
Designed by Cookut
The Healthy kit!
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Description :

Natural and Detox Cockails Kit. Designed by Cookut.

Prepare yourself gently for a detox cure, thanks to delicious healthy recipes, based on water, tea, fruits and vegetables.

Vary the pleasures through different recipes depending on the desired benefits: anti-oxidant, energizer, anti-aging, anti-cholesterol, protective effect on the eyes, joints, blood system ... Each recipe in the booklet details the vitamin intake and trace elements.

The two mason jars in the kit have a lid containing a hole for a straw to slip in. Each jar is convenient to carry, thanks to its handle, you will enjoy your healthy drink wherever you want. In this set you will find an ecological and practical wooden dosing mixer. It is used both to properly dose the ingredients of your recipes and to mix the contents of your Mason jar. Also included, ten cardboard straws much better for the environment than the ugly plastic straws.

Detox waters: waters with infused fruits
Detox cocktails: fruit and vegetable cocktails
Tea detox: teas with infused fruits

Detox recipe example:
- Mango Kiwi Lime Cocktail
- Banana Strawberry and chia seeds cocktail
- Cocktail Celery Spinach Cucumber Apple
Detox tea with cranberries ...

Included in the set:
- 2 Mason glass cocktail jars
- 1 wooden dispenser
- 10 cardboard straws
- 1 cookbook

Ref : 1103-0032

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