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4 Pallets Legs For Coffe Table

Pallet legs
designed by Boboboom.
Transform a palett into a table.
276.00 € 
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Description :

4 Metal legs for Pallet - 25 cm High.designed by Boboboom

How to transform a palett into a table? 

The concept is simple : hunt out for an ordinary pallet (but preferably in a good state...) and fix the 4 Boboboom legs to transform it into a coffe table or high table according to the height of the legs chosen, for an upcycling eco-responsible ambience.

Included: 4
painted metal legs. Supplied unmounted (without pallet)

Dimensions: High 25 cm
Colour: cream

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4 Pallet Legs For Table
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4 Pallet Legs For Table

designed by Boboboom
Transform a palett into a table

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