Participation to expedition cost and packing cost

Before dispatch, our articles are systematically checked and tested. We protect and packed them with care in recycled or reused packs.
Whatever the method used to deliver it to you, the order is dispatched within 24 hours (weekdays) of receiving your payment.
If an article is not available, you can not order it and will receive the "pas en stock" (Temporarily unavailable – delivery expected shortly) message which will appear instead of the price.
In the event that the actual and theoretical stocks are different and this results in an article not being available even though your order was accepted, you will be advised of this by a separate mail and your payment will, of course, be refused by our accounts service. 
Standard service: the goods are given to the Poste (French postal service). The price depends upon the destination. The average delivery time is 1 – 5 weeks. You will receive a confirmatory mail on the day of dispatch*.
*If you want further information, please contact us at Benoit-Guyot – Extramuros
Tel: 04 37 46 13 32 mail: [email protected] 

Mainland FRANCE and CORSICA 
Orders are processed (accepted, the article confirmed, packed) in less than 24 – 48 hours. They are then handed over to the Poste (French postal service) and sent by Colissimo Suivi (premium parcel service), which should result in delivery to you in about 48 hours. This means that you should receive your order in less than 4 days on average. Of course this timing is provided only as an indication and we cannot be held responsible for any event beyond our control that causes delays.
For greater simplicity, whatever the value of your order and the number of items ordered, a single standard fee of 6.9 euros is made for the carriage and packing costs. This means that the greater the size of your order the lower the impact of delivery and packing costs. 
      Amount purchase
ZONE Sort of service Indicative delay Less the 50 € Between 50 and 150 € More than 150 €
France including Corsia Postal sending follow-up France D+4 / at best 48h single postal rates : 6,90 €
Europe Zone 1 : Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Nederland Postal sending follow-up Europe D+5 13 € 18 € 23 €
Europe Zone 2 : Great Britain, Italia, Sardinia,Sicily,Spain, The Balearics Ilands Postal sending follow-up Europe D+6 16 € 20 € 25 €
Europe Zone 3 : Austria, Denmark, Irlande, Portugal Postal sending follow-up Europe D+7 18 €
24 €
29 €
Europe Zone 4 : Finland, Norway, Sueden, Switherland, Tha Azores, Madeire, The Canaries Postal sending follow-up Europe D+7 20 € 28 € 33 €
Europe Zone 5 : Greace, Hungary, Poland, Slovak, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia Postal Standard sending D+9 24 € 31 € 35 €
North America : Usa & Canada Postal Standard sending D+15 30 € 49 € 75 €
South America and Center America Postal Standard sending D+20 30 € 49 € 75 €
ASIA / OCEANIA Taiwan / Japan/ Australia Hongkong Postal Standard sending D+20 39 € 79 € 99 €
French department from abroad Postal Standard sending D+20 30 € 49 € 75 €