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Pixel Art - eBoy - Venise

Pixel Art - eBoy - Venice
Godfather of Pixel
Only available in our physical shop
199.00 € 
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Description :

Pixel Art - eBoy - Venice.

eBoy ("Godfathers of Pixel") is a pixel art group founded in 1997 by  Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital, and Kai Vermehr. Their complex illustrations have been made into shirts, posters, souvenirs, and displayed in gallery exhibitions.
"We started working with pixels because we loved the idea of making pictures only for the screen. It’s the best way to get really sharp and clean looking results. Also, handling pixels is fun and you are forced to simplify and abstract things, which is a big advantage of this technique."
eBoy is based in Berlin (Germany) and Vancouver (Canada).
Their influences come from "Pop culture",Computer games, LEGO, Supermarkets, TV, Shopping, toy commercials, the news, magazines...

eBoy has worked with brands and companies such as MTV, Coca-Cola, , VH1, Adidas, Gola and Honda.

Only available in our physical shop benoit-guyot 'Extramuros' (Lyon, France)

Dimensions: 84 x 119 cm


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