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PR / 01

Designed by La Boîte Conept & Native Union
A masterpiece of sound
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PR / 01. Designed by La Boîte Concept & Native Union.
An audio masterpiece built to last
PR / 01 is an innovative Bluetooth® speaker that delivers high power, high sound fidelity, as well as charging ports for your technical devices in a compact and striking form. The modular design features a concealed drawer that gives access to charging ports and cables in addition to space to store and charge devices as you enjoy listening to your music. An audio masterpiece, PR /01 is crafted from high-end materials and designed to last  a lifetime.
Sharing values of bringing superior technological performance to everyday products, Native Union and La Boîte Concept have teamed up to co-develop a new generation speaker: The PR / 01
Both brands have brought their respective expertise to collaboratively create a state-of-the-art speaker for the home, complete with future proof charging capabilities, advanced connectivity, elegant design and unmatched acoustic.
This innovative speaker delivers high-power, high-fidelity sound in a compact and minimal form. The result is a powerful and natural sound, close to that of a real orchestra.

More than a simple speaker
PR / 01 is an active speaker which follows the acoustic properties of traditional high fidelity. The exceptional quality of the lowest frequencies is ensured by the implementation in an airlight chamber of 2 loudspeakers (including 1 internal woofer) which are controlled numerically. This pressure chamber system is calibrated by multiple digital amplifiers. These custom-built amplifiers offer exceptional power and definition in the extreme bass, all contained within a very compact structure.
Active Pression Reflex* technology consists of two speakers inside a multi-amplified pneumatic system. This exclusive design allows PR/01 to produce unmatched sound fidelity, even low-frequency sounds.
More than a simple speaker, PR/01 provides multiple options for audio-in and is compatible with existing and future technology. Its concealed drawer houses charging ports, wireless charging compatibility, and cables that can be fully customized to build your own personal solution.
7 years of development
7 years of development led by the R&D teams at La Boîte Concept were necessary to update to the new digital technologies and reinvent the patent from the 70's, which was initially invented by the Cagniard family.
PR / 01 's integrated technology is the heir of this innovation, wich improves upon an expertise held for more than forty years by the Cagniard family. The new patent named Active Pression Reflex® gives its name to the PR /01 

Technical specifications :
PR / 01's drawer offers the option to place a wireless charger within its outer layer, allowing your device to wirelessly purely by induction (not included).
Compatible with Google Home®, Google Chromcast ®, Apple Airport Express®, Amazon Echo®, and other wireless modules or technologies.

- speaker in wood MDF and plywood natural walnut
- knob and ring in solid aluminium
– BT apt-x®- DAC Toslink Optical 24bits
- Optical audio digital input
- 2x USB-A (Always on, charging up to 2.4A);
- 1x UBS-C (Always on, charging up to 3A);
- Aux 1: RCA analog input; Aux 2: 3.5mm stereo plug
- 1 x 5” Midrange speaker by La Boite Concept : 50 Watt
- 1 x 5” long excursion Woofer by La Boite Concept: 50 Watt
- 2 x Dome silk Tweeter byLa Boite Concept: 50 Watt
Dimensions :  H 237 x L 410 x D 256 mm
Weight : 12Kg

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