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Practical items

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Zen Large Cup

23.00 € 
LH 40. Designed by Philip Wong.
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Set of 3 SavOsec

9.90 € 
Design Nicolas Trüb
Save ours soaps!

Tree Coat Stand

325.00 € 
Poetic and practical

Flexible Tablet Holder

19.90 € 
Extends up to 31.5"
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Flexible Phone Holder

11.00 € 
Extends up to 31.5"

Headdemock - Fatboy

419.00 € 
Design Jukka Setälä.
Have a break... have a Headdemock!
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Solar Home System - Kit PP4200

159.00 € 
As useful as a survival kit
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Solar Home System - Kit PP8000

229.00 € 
As useful as a survival kit
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Invisible Book Shelf

15.00 € 
Floating books !
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Large Invisible Book Shelf

19.50 € 
Floating books !
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Wall Coat Hanger Globo

29.00 € 
Design by Enzo Mari.
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Flip Natural Hook -8 Hooks

50.00 € 
Designed by David Quan.
8 Hooks
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Designed by David Quan.
5 Hooks
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19.00 € 
Mirrored clothes hook.
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The Refill for your Soho or Master Polisher
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4 Pallet Legs For Table

396.00 € 
designed by Boboboom
Transform a palett into a table
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4 Pallets Legs For Coffe Table

276.00 € 
designed by Boboboom.
Transform a palett into a table.
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The Color Changing Umbrella

39.00 € 
Changes to bright colors when wet!
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Mina LED Light

29.90 € 
LH60. Design Simonelli / Quaglio.
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Pocket power bank FUSION

39.90 € 
Pocket power bank + lightning & USB built-in cables.
Up to 1.5x extra battery for your iPhone...
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Fab XXL Braided Fabric Cable

27.00 € 
Extra long fabric cable - USB to Lightning
Made for Apple devices, charge  & sync.
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Hub Charger 5 in 1

34.90 € 
HIDE - Hub charger 5 in 1
Rapidly and simultaneously charge up to 5 devices.
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High Speed Charging Cube

89.90 € 
ICON - Hih speed Charging cuble 6 in 1
Charge up to 3x faster and simultaneously 6 devices.
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Flip Natural Hook - 5 Hooks

32.00 € 
Designed by David Quan.
5 Hooks

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