The Line - Dubai

The Line
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Designed by Antoine Daniel.
Like postcards in the form of lifelines.
Gift packaging
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The Line - Dubai's. Designed by Antoine Daniel.
" It was new brand  The Line that came up with the idea of transforming the urban landscape into a strip of metal that juggles with soli and hollow forms. Designer Antoine Daniel cut the Marseille Skyline out of strips of steel. He saw it as a way of gathering his childhood memories together on a wire. Nailed up on the wall between two paintings, this tightrope landscape resonates only with initiates. Like a talisman, it whispers the sound of the mistral, channeling it beween the peaks of Notre-Dame-De-La-Garde and the Vauban cutting, while murmuring that the Mediterranean is never far away. Little by little, The Line is expanding geographically: Lyon and Paris already have their silhouettes, wich you  can, of course, give as gifts to friends in France, Navarra or elsewhere. Like postcards in the form of lifelines. "
Marie Aucouturier - Air France Magazine

The Line of Dubai's is 50cm long. It is cut in a 1.5mm thick sheet of steel and then finished in black.

Discover a unique view over Dubai's spectacular skyline from the banks of Dubai Creek. From there you can see the emblematic towers of the United Arab Emirates, especially the great Burj Khalifa, which stands 2,717 feet tall!

It is wrapped up in a nice cardboard box, including 3 black nails of course!

Made in France

Dimensions : 50 cm
Material : Steel