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Transloetje Lamp

Transloetje Lamp - FATBOY
Design by Alex Bergman for Fatboy.
The new small, wireless and nomad lamp by fatboy
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Transloetje Lamp. Design by Fatboy.

The new Transloetje is the new small, wireless and nomad lamp by fatboy. A futur best-seller.

Of course, the Transloetje looks rather like the Edison The Petit but this darling has a totally different personality. However, both the Edison The Petit and the Transloetje were inspired by Grandma’s vintage lamps.

The plastic material and different colours really make the Transloetje stand out. And this time it’s not only what's on the outside that matters. Because the Transloetje is transparent, the old-fashioned light bulb on the inside of the lamp is the star of the show. You can change, with a simple finger pression.

The Transloetje is portable and ideal for both inside and outside because of its wireless and chargeable nature.

There are 8 colours to choose from but to make it easier you could always go for a whole rainbow of Transloetjes.

Technical specifications:
- Nomad LED lamp - This luminaire contains built-in LED Lamps. Can't be changed
- 3 different light settings with different duration: 20 hours, 15 hours and 9 hours
- 2700 K – IP 21 –
- 2 x 1 Watt
- Plush resistant

Height 25 cm Ø 16 cm
Weight: 05 kg


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