ZIGGi - 3D Bulbing Lamp

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designed by Studio Cheha.
The amazing Bulbing LED lamps!
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ZIGGi - 3D Bulbing Lamp. Designed by Nir Chehanowski / Studio Cheha.
An impressive optical illusion

Bulbing is a LED lamp that tricks your eye and challenges your mind. Enjoy the wonder of light and enter a new dimension: where 2D and 3D design unite!

ZIGGi is a cool, calm design piece made to energise the room. ZIGGi promises to light up your life with super style!

This LED table lights by Studio Cheha & Nir Chehanowski creates an impressive optical illusion. Each one is made from a slim sheet of acrylic glass that is slotted into a sturdy wooden base, yet they all appear to be three-dimensional when they are switched on. The LED lamp is actually composed of dozens of intricate incised lines that have been laser engraved into a flat surface. A birch plywood base secures the lamp in place and allows the light to travel through it.

Materials: iron base, acrylic glass, LED, white cord + dimmer
Product Size: 40 H X 26 W cm
Base :  Ø 15 cm
Power: 100-240V or USB

Made in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Warranty: 1 year warranty